Where to Get Forskolin in Canada

Ready to boost your metabolism and start losing some weight in the midsection, butt and thighs?

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  5. Trying to submit for 1 free bottle. When I select Canada for Windsor Ontario Canada, only the states show, no Canadian provinces.

    • You have to select the country then select your province. Also I would NOT recommend buy the FREE trial sample as these are NOT really FREE and are considered to be scams. Buy more that 1 or 2 bottles to avoid the scams. I call them scams because they get your credit card info to ship you the 1 free bottle trial and then LATER they bill you for a 6 month supply without you knowing. Not cool I know, so buy more than the one bottle of Forskolin and you will be OK.

    • 100% Pure Standardized 20% Coleus Forskohlii Extract in a Vegi cap.

      Contains 125 MG Per Serving as Recommended.

      Pure Extract with NO Artificial Colors or Preservatives.