Forskolin Reviews

You’ll find that some of the best Forskolin reviews will come from people who take the time to explain their experiences. Often time online some reviews can be mis-leading and or they may not be real reviews at all.

Below are some real Forskolin reviews from customers who have bought our supplements and we have contacted them to ask if they would tell us how they liked using the product. Because we strive to pair ourselves with the best manufactures in Canada and the USA we want to also know if Forskolin really works and or how well.

Martha D Forskolin Review

Martha Dunlop Forskolin Review
Martha Dunlop, Picton Ontario

“My name is Martha Dunlop and I live in Picton, Ontario. I bought 3 bottles of Forskolin after watching the Dr. Oz show. My problem has always been belly fat and I would never wear certain clothes that would show it. It’s hard to find clothes to look good in when I have gained so much weight. I was told by my doctor that I was 33 pounds overweight, otherwise I am in good health. The main reason I chose forskolin was Dr. Oz said it burns belly fat specifically and not muscle. I started out taking just one supplement a day as directed by Dr.Oz and it says so on the bottle. After my first month I didn’t really see to much change other than some days I felt like I had more energy. Half way through my second bottle I realized I was doing more around the house and everyone was telling me I seemed to be go go go! LOL I didn’t notice at all but I guess I was. So I started walking every night after work and with some friends during lunch break and this is where things started to change for me. I started to notice my pants fitting loosely. Wow I really started to shed some pounds which really motivated me. I started eating salads and lean meats and I was drinking a smoothy each morning for breakfast. I bought 3 more bottles as I was almost out and was very happy with my weight loss and wanted to keep going. It’s been 5 months now and I have lost 23 pounds and Richard Jarvis at Forskolin Canada had contacted me about my progress some moths ago but I did not respond. I have been so happy that I can get my bikini back on again and I now go to the sand banks beach a couple times a week. I contacted Richard and told him my success and agreed to send in my review, I know it’s a bit long but I hope it helps to motivate others. All I can say is that with the right diet and some exercise Forskolin really helped me out. Thanks Martha.”

Kim Hicks Forskolin Canada Review

Kim Hicks Review
Kim Hicks Review

I’m writing this review to help other women or men who have been thinking about where to buy forskolin in Canada in the hopes it helps other people to not get scammed like I did. I love the Dr.Oz show and watch it just about every day that I can, I know he get criticized a lot and he does seem to recommended many different thing especially for weight loss and I have tried many of the weight loss supplements he has suggested. I bought Garcinia cambogia and reaspberry ketone and it turns out the online store I bought from was selling scam products. Dr. Oz had a show where he confronted this exact same company I bought mine from in California, USA. I found a Canadian supplier for Garcinia and Ketones in Canada and now I have lost weight but was not able to get rid of the extra belly fat and excess skin. The Dr. Oz Forskloin episode blew me away and so I started searching in Canada for this new supplement and found forskolincanada,ca. Before I bought anything I emailed these guys and asked why I should trust them and within an hour they got back to me. If you have ever bought anything online you know this not normal. This type of customer service was impressive to me. The owner told me that they are a trusted source in Canada and if I had any problems at all to contact him directly. Nice. He answered all my questions or at least told me where to get the answers and he never once pushed anything on me. I have to say this is GREAT Canadian customer service. I bought just 1 bottle as he recommended for now and if I see some results I will buy more from these guys. I hopes this helps you decide, I would recommend these guys for sure.

Tell us your experience with Forskolin we all would love to here about it! If you buy from and send us your picture and review we will send you FREE products to try out for us.

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  1. hi i have read some of the reviews here and i am still a little skeptical my wife and i have read up on forskolin and i am wondering if it is as good as they say we both need some weight off the middle

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